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September 2021 - Changelog
September 2021 - Changelog

Please find below the changelog for September 2021 which summarises our latest product developments and updates.

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COMING SOON...Email attachments. This will allow you to upload documents to emails. We are in final stages to release our email attachment feature. We will share more details very soon including a new 'how to' guide.

πŸ†• Save a draft email. We have now introduced draft emails to Dentally, so that you can start writing an email and come back to send it when time permits. The new buttons are outlined in the screenshot below.


πŸ†• Send an email to a specialist. You can now send an email to a specialist from your contacts list. To add a specialist to an email, click on the 'Add Specialist' link and then search for the name/practice of the specialist. Next click on the name/practice so that the email address can be added to the email.


πŸ†• NHS Scotland. A new exemption; 'Under 26 years of age' will replace 'Under 18 years' and 'Under 18 years in full-time education. To learn more take a look at our Support article here.


🌟 Improved: Audit History Panel. Permission can now be granted to all users. The "Audit History" panel previously available only to Level 4 users can now be individually granted to Level 1 - 3 users from the settings page. This does not grant access to the main audit page, however, only history details for individual records.

This will show the history icon on the following areas of the app:

  • Notes

  • Patient Details

  • Appointments

  • Treatment Plan Items

Leading to the panel shown below:

🌟 Improved: Dentally Chat. The workflow for starting a chat for the first time with another user is now slightly different - you need to select the other user from a list first and then you can start chatting with them. Once you have started that conversation with another user, their name will appear in your chat list from then on. Take a look below:

CleanShot 2021-08-06 at 09.46.01.gif

🌟 Improved: NHS Claim Report. This report now includes the treatment plan start and end dates. Plus, this report can now be filtered by either the claim submission date or the treatment completion date.


🌟 Improved: You can now hover over the invoice number to see the entire number if it's too long.


πŸ› Fixed: ALL option was not showing as available for new/edit templates and payment plans. This has now been corrected.

πŸ› Fixed: Only active users will show up on the Dentally Chat message board. This is now fixed.

πŸ› Fixed: User location restrictions would not save. This is now fixed.

πŸ› Fixed: There was a slight issue when you clicked to download estimates and invoices after they were created. This is resolved.

Patient Portal

🌟 Improved: New Patient Login (in Beta): We've been hearing from you that patients are struggling to login to their Portal due to login passcodes expiring. So we have introduced a 60 second cool down between patients being able to resend a new passcode.

Note: This improvement is only available with our new patient login, if you would like to discuss using our new login for your practice, please get in touch [email protected]

Screenshot 2021-08-26 at 16.34.25.png

🌟 Improved: New Patient Login (in Beta): We have decided to limit the number of attempts patients are able to send themselves passcodes via sms. Sending too many will lock their account for 24 hours. (Please Note: This improvement is only available with our new patient login, if you would like to discuss using our new login for your practice, please contact us [email protected])

Any queries then please do speak to the Support team.

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