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Adding an attachment to an email
Adding an attachment to an email

How to add an attachment in Dentally email and the supported files types.

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There will be times during your busy day in the practice when you need to add an attachment to your emails. This currently only works for new emails created in Dentally.

This means you will NOT be able to forward an email with its original attachments from within Dentally.

There are two ways to add attachments and both processes are easy!

Option one:

  • Compose email as normal

  • Drag and drop attachments in the box at the bottom of the left of the draft email box that reads Drag Files here to attach. See below.

Option two:

  • Compose email as normal

  • go to the same area in the draft email box and press choose files which will be highlighted in blue. As shown below.

See below the supported files types that you can attach within Dentally:


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