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January 2022 - Changelog
January 2022 - Changelog

Please find below the changelog for January 2022 which summarises our latest product developments and updates.

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🌟 Improved: Xero Invoices

For practices that use the integration with Xero online banking, the Invoice history can be reviewed and incorrect invoices can now be deleted. This will help where there have been set up issues and invoices need to be removed and re-created.

🌟 Improved: Payment Allocations Report now viewable by Level 2 Practitioners

Level 2 users who are a practitioner are now able to review the Payment Allocations Report. This means that those users can run the Payment Allocation reports to review payment allocations, but are restricted to only those allocations which are against their own work.

πŸ› Fixed: Site-Specific Reports in a Multisite environment giving inappropriate filtering options. All multisite reports which can be filtered by sites now only show options for payment plans, practitioners, etc. for the specific site selected.

πŸ› Fixed: Specialists and Doctors list. The issue with the export of this list has now been resolved.


πŸ†• New: History Audit Panel for NHS Claims. Similar to the history panel available for opted in users elsewhere in the software, there is now a panel that shows all changes made to an NHS claim in one place, meaning users can trace the chronological history of a claim more easily. This is accessible from the patient's NHS claims tab.

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🌟 Improved: NHS Orthodontic Marker and Continuation Part number now available in the public API. API users can now specifically separately report on Orthodontic NHS claims and the type of claim created

🌟 Improved: NHS Claims resubmission. We have improved how we automatically mark resubmitted NHS claims which have previously been processed successfully. This will result in fewer returned NHS claims requiring amendments.

πŸ› Fixed: Dentally Mail Posted Letters report. A bug has been fixed where letters sent using automated recalls via Dentally Mail were not being shown in the Posted Letters report.


🌟Improved: "Region" filter added to the Patients Report (AU). Users can now filter the Patirnet Report by state ("region") for AU Practice.

🌟Improved: Loyalty Bonus handling for insurance health claiming (AU).

This allows the handling of loyalty bonus item (an additional rebated amount) which is sent back within a claim or estimate payload. Payment explanation is automatically created when claiming electronically and a loyalty item is returned. Another payment explanation will be created in the scenario when the claim is cancelled to reverse explain the loyalty amount.

🌟Improved: Tax amendments (AU)

We removed the tax-related columns from that were not necessary and may have created confusion;

  • Invoice pdf

  • Takings Report

πŸ› Fixed: Estimates sent with no items (AU). Any $0 items were filtered out which created an empty estimate. Now if there are no estimateable items, it displays an error "Current treatments cannot be estimated by Heath Fund."

πŸ› Fixed: Bugs relating to Discounts (AU). Various bugs relating to discounts have now been fixed to make sure that claims and payments work correctly.

πŸ› Fixed: Claims Workflow (AU). We have resolved two issues:

  • Health fund patient ID now validating to 2 digits only.

  • Cancel button is now available on the final claim page allowing users to exit the flow and remove the in-progress claim if required.


πŸ› Fixed: MOH Enrolment button moved to make it more visible (NZ) The "Enrolment..." button was moved from the dropdown menu in the "More..." tab to a button located between the "Save" and "More..." buttons. The name was also changed from "Enrolment..." to "MOH Enrolment" for clarity. This button only appears on the NZ site for patients below 18 years old.

​If you have any queries please talk to the Support team today in our in app chat or email us [email protected]


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