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How to create a new online appointment as a single-site practice
How to create a new online appointment as a single-site practice

How to create and manage different appointments, set pricing and duration, and categorise them - single-site practices only πŸ‘€

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πŸ“ Please note: This article is for single-site practices. If you are a multi-site brand, read our guide to creating appointments here.

How do I create new appointment options for patients to book in my single-site practice?

  • Head to 'Online Booking' and then 'Appointments' in the left-hand toolbar.

  • Appointments are broken down into categories, which you can read more about in this handy guide.

  • Identify the category that your new appointment best fits into, then click the 'New' button to the right of your chosen category.

In the 'Details' section:

  • Appointment reason - This list is the same as your Dentally appointment reasons. Ensure these match, to make reporting easier. This will not be visible to patients.

  • Name - This will be the appointment name patients see and choose. Ensure it is clear and concise.

  • Description - This will help patients to understand and differentiate between appointments. We suggest copying this from your website and keeping it quite short.

After completing the 'Details' section, you can then move onto the following sections:

  • β€˜Duration & Pricing’

  • β€˜Practitioners’

  • β€˜Diary Control’

For more information on how to complete these sections, follow our dedicated guide here.

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