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July 2022 - Changelog
July 2022 - Changelog

Please find below the changelog for July 2022 which summarises our latest product developments and updates.

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🌟Improved: We have added appointment rooms data to the public API for external reporting.

🌟Improved: We have changed the 'sort order' to favourite treatments list in the chart screen. This means it will now always be listed by treatment code, instead of the most recently used.


🌟Improved: Allow patient charging where NHS England and Wales claims are marked as 'Treatment on Referral' and contain Sedation Services or Domiciliary Services.

🌟Improved: Addition of a New NHS Clinical Dataset item allowing NHS Wales claims to contain only an 'Exam not possible' treatment - required because of NHS CCN48 changes allowing 1 UDA to be awarded.

🐛Fixed: Removal of additional ACORN assessment elements when no ACORN is charted on an NHS Wales claim.

🐛Fixed: Validation has been introduced to disallow the sending of incomplete ACORN assessments for NHS Wales claims. Incomplete ACORN assessments are now not allowed by NHS Wales.

🌟Improved: The Treatment History pdf has been enhanced to provide download options to remove sensitive information as needed. The “Export as PDF” button now has a dropdown with 3 options:

  • Standard: This is the same as the original download option in Dentally and contains all relevant treatment information in a detailed format.

  • Concise: This option excludes pricing and payment plan information and will display the treatment description, the teeth it applies to, the Practitioner and the date it was charted and completed. This is presented in an easy to read table format.

  • Concise with notes: This is the same as the Concise version with the addition of Notes. Notes are formatted as plain text.


🆕 New: Tyro Integration

We have now integrated with Tyro to allow those practices that use it to process Health Fund Claims using Tyro. This means that practices can now choose which terminal they use: HICAPS or Tyro.

🌟 Improved: We have now added an audit trail for when discounts are applied to claims.

🌟Improved: We have formatted the header templates in AU to include State and replace the website URL with an email address.

🐛 Fixed: The 'favourites' filter in the treatment list was changing the sort order from numerical to recently used. This has now been fixed to sort by treatment code

🐛Fixed: An issue where users couldn't scroll down the treatment list on the chart screen

If you have any queries please do chat to our Support Team.

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