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Adjusting Perio Exam View
Adjusting Perio Exam View
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The 6PPC Perio exam in Dentally allows you to customise the information on display when recording or reviewing an examination.
โ€‹Adjusting the View/Input Required:

When reviewing an existing exam or recording a new one, if you do not require all of the available recordings on display, you can choose which elements to display. This is carried out using the 'View' option at the top right of the displayed exam.

The individual elements can be removed from display using the drop down list of options, simply click to display or remove any element in the list. When an item is removed, the respective line is removed from the table below, but also from the graphical representation to help focus on specific information.

'Data Tables': This option will remove the tables beneath each graphical representation of each arch. This is especially useful when concentrating on purely the graphical chart with the patient.

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