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How patients provide their medical history on Portal
How patients provide their medical history on Portal

Take a look at what patients will see when signing their medical history on the Patient Portal

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How can my patient complete their medical history form online?

  • If you have enabled medical history for your practice, and you have task reminders turned on, patients will be prompted to complete their medical history through Portal when it's required.

  • When the patient logs in, they will see an action card to complete their medical history if their current medical history has expired.

  • Clicking the card will take the patient to the medical history form, where they can complete questions you have set in Dentally, and sign the form.

  • After signing the form, the patient will be taken back to their main dashboard page.

πŸ’‘ Top tip: Portal stores the patient's previous answers if they have done the form before and are logged in. They'll be able to review and update where needed. Any new or edited questions will need to be answered from scratch.

πŸ“ Please note: Patients are encouraged to answer all the questions, and won't be able to proceed until they have. If they answer yes to any questions, they are prompted to add additional information.

Can my patient amend their medical history any time?

If a patient has already completed their medical history and wishes to change an answer or update their details, they can do so in the Patient Portal.

  • When on their Portal dashboard, they can scroll down to the 'Update your medical info' button.

  • By clicking that button, they'll be able to change their details at any time.

What happens when a patient completes their medical history on Portal?

Once the patient has completed the medical history form and signed it, the form can be seen in Dentally - under the patient's record, within the 'Medical' tab.

The alert in Dentally showing the the patient needs to complete a medical history form will also disappear.

You can see this by hovering over the patient's name at the top of an appointment in the diary. If the patient has not completed a medical history form yet, the red box will display.

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