Connecting Stripe to Dentally Portal

Connect your existing Stripe account to enable payment features for patients using the portal.

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Connect your existing Stripe account to enable payment features for patients using the Dentally Portal. Once you have connected, you'll be able to ask for appointment deposits and let patients pay their outstanding balances all from their own device, wherever they are.

To connect your Stripe account, head to the Payments section in the left-hand menu. You'll be automatically taken to the Payment types page.

Click into the page labelled Link with Stripe

Once you click Link, you will be taken through the Stripe connection wizard, where you simply log in with your account details and enable the request to connect.

Once you have successfully linked your Stripe account, navigate to the Payment types page where you can now click the link to set deposits for your online appointments and allow balances & invoices to be paid via the portal.

🚨 Important 🚨

You won’t be able to connect Dentally Portal and the Dentally app to the same Stripe account number due to Stripe's single Platform connection policy. This policy was introduced in 2021 and is contrary to advice you may have had from us previously.

Instead, you can create individual Stripe account numbers under the same Stripe user login to connect to different platforms:

  • During the linking flow, Stripe automatically detects if you have an existing account that can be connected to the platform.

  • Accounts that are already connected to a platform will not be shown.

  • Users will be directed to create a new account instead.

  • When creating this new account, choose to share a legal entity, and then you will be able to re-use data from an existing account to quickly and easily complete the onboarding flow.

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