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September 2022 - Changelog
September 2022 - Changelog

Please find below the changelog for September 2022 which summarises our latest product developments and updates.

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πŸ†• New: Date and Time display options

Users can choose whether they would like to view a 12 hour clock or a 24 hour clock by going to My account and setting the display options.

Date options examples:

🌟Improved: Unexplained payment icon change

We have updated the unexplained payment icon which was a trash can but has now been updated to appear as an β€˜unlink’ icon. The trash can icon then appears once the payment has been unexplained which means you can then delete the payment. The functionality remains the same, we are simply now using different icons to reflect the different actions.

πŸ› Bug Fix: Email correspondence

Buttons were displaying "Discard" text. This has been resolved.

πŸ›Bug Fix: Practitioner Allocations Report Export

The report wasn't respecting the filter selections. This has now been resolved.

πŸ› Bug Fix: Appointments Tab issue

A bug has been fixed where patients with a long appointment history were not displaying all entries in the Appointments tab in patient records.

πŸ› Bug Fix: Payment Allocations Report Export

A recent change to the export of the payment allocations report meant that the Patient amount column was not being exported, this has been resolved.


πŸ†• New: Invoice Discounts

Users can now enter a total discount to an invoice before any payments are made. There are now three discount options to choose from:

  • No discount changes – no discounts are applied.

  • Apply total discount – a total discount value is added and the discount is automatically distributed and allocated to each line item.

  • Apply line discount – a discount is added to each line item manually.

πŸ†• New: DVA, DVASP, DVAPROS Price Updates

On 12 August all required price updates for DVA, DVASP and DVAPROS were completed automatically.

🌟Improved: Performance for Health Fund Claims and Estimates

The performance of health fund claims and payment processing has been improved to provide a better user experience.

πŸ›Bug Fix: Health Fund Estimate Modal

The modal was sized incorrectly and displayed too small. This has now been fixed.

πŸ›Bug Fix: Partial Denture Codes

Set partial denture codes to the "patient" region to prevent incorrect claims.


🌟Improved: Export of reports:

The exporting option of the NHS Claims, Radiograph Audit, Treatment Plans, Patient listing, Sundries, NHS Scotland Prior Approvals and Waiting List reports have been improved.

🌟Improved: Appointment Calendar Invitation improvement:

The automatic calendar invitation which is included in all emails driven by calendar appointments now supports a wider range of recipients' timezone settings to ensure a more accurate display in the recipient's calendar at the correct time.

If you have any queries please chat to our support team.

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