How to explain and unexplain payments and invoices?

Let's take a look at how to allocate and unallocate payments and invoices in Dentally. Also known as explaining.

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Allocating/Unallocating Payments & Invoices

Dentally will automatically allocate payments to the invoices it thinks are the correct ones, if however, you need to unallocate a payment and point it towards a different invoice, here’s what we need to do.

Unexplaining a payment

Step-by-step instructions to unexplain a payment

  • Clicking the Unlink icon

  • Confirm request to unlink the invoice and payment

  • You will now see an Orange question mark

  • The payment now needs explaining

Explaining a payment

Watch the below GIF or read the step-by-step instructions

Step-by-step instructions to explain a payment

  • Click the Orange question mark against the payment

  • This brings up the allocation screen

  • Choose the invoice you wish to allocate the payment to from the drop-down list

  • If you need to split the payment and allocate it to different invoices simply change the "To Pay” amount.

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