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Medicare - Charging a CDBS Treatment
Medicare - Charging a CDBS Treatment

How to claim for a Medicare CDBS treatment (bulk bill)

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If patient’s receive treatment under the Medicare CDBS, it is a requirement that the 5-digit (88xxx) codes are used in the Dentally Treatment Plan.

The practitioner charts the Medicare 88xxx codes during a treatment and ticks them when complete.

Select Charge

The charged amount will display in the patients account.

Processing Electronic CDBS Claims

Select New Claim and then Medicare from the dropdown.

The Medicare Claim screen will open.

Tick the treatment items to be claimed and select Send.

While the claim is processing, the Submitted claim window will display.

Once the Medicare claim is processed, the approved claim details window will open.

Please note – Check the Claim status is showing as Approved and the Medicare eligibility has Y next to each item number.

Select Continue

Go back to the Accounts page.

The Approved claim will now appear in the Payments section as Pending.

Reconciling CDBS Payments

Check the PRODA website for payments received. Once received, open the relevant patients account page and select View on the pending Medicare claim

Select the Reconcile button to open the Rebate entry fields

Add the Rebate amounts paid for each treatment item.

Once all rebate amounts have been entered, select Next.

The Discount screen will appear.

If Medicare have not fully paid a treatment item amount a discount can be entered to adjust the outstanding invoice amount to zero.

Select Finish when complete.

The Pending status will now be removed from the Medicare Claim appearing in the Payments section.

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