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New unsaved changes on chart prompt
New unsaved changes on chart prompt

Why am I seeing a message about saving my clinical notes?

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Let's take a look at the new Unsaved Changes on Chart message prompt

This new feature is here to help save you time and remove the stress of recovering and locating previously unsaved notes. Take a look at the video below to see how this works or read through the instruction below.

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How does the new prompt work?

You will notice that when trying to navigate away from unsaved notes you will now be asked to choose between either 'Back' or 'Save and Continue', any treatments with unsaved notes will be displayed on the message prompt as you can see below ⬇️

  • Choosing Back will take you back to the treatment screen where unsaved notes can be individually saved or changes cancelled.

  • Choosing to Save and Continue will save all changes to unsaved notes and allow you to continue to navigate away from the chart.

What happens if I cancel this message?

If you close the screen without choosing either option then any unsaved notes will be saved locally on the computer you are on.

The next time you open that treatment plan, you will see the unsaved notes icon ⬇️ next to any treatments where Dentally saved them this way for you.

Opening any of those treatments gives you the option of retrieving the notes found on your local machine.

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