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Troubleshooting the Imaging Bridge
Troubleshooting the Imaging Bridge

What can i do if my imaging bridge isn't working in Dentally?

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If the bridge isn’t working, then it can usually be fixed by addressing one of the following issues.

Do you have permission to install software on the machine?

Installing the software requires administrator rights for your computer. If you are experiencing problems look in the following directory C:\program files\. If there is no folder named Dentally Imaging then the user does not have sufficient privileges to install the software. Please contact your system administrator in order to install the Dentally Imaging Bridge.

Are your settings correct?

Check you have specified the correct paths in the Dentally chrome Extension options. Make sure the path includes the final backslash e.g. C:\program files\image software\

DBSwin is not opening?

If DBSwin is not opening when clicking the tooth icon this may be because this is not already open in the background. It's important to note that the bridge does not open DBSWin, but merely passes the patient info - therefore you must ensure you have opened DBSWin before using the tooth icon.

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