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How to use the Clinical History side panel
How to use the Clinical History side panel

Discover the new clinical history sidebar and how it works in Dentally

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How to open the clinical history sidebar?

  • Navigate to a patient record

  • Click on 'Clinical History πŸ—‚οΈ' In the top right of the patients record

  • This will open the clinical sidebar on the right.

screenshot of dentally with the clinical history sidebar button highlighted in blue

What does the clinical history sidebar do?

The clinical history sidebar allows you to view your patient's clinical history from anywhere in the patient's record. Dentally Vision users can also view patient images and X-rays from here.

This means you can review charting, take notes, chart a perio exam, book future appointments, etc, all whilst still viewing the patient's clinical history and/or images.

screenshot of an overview of what a patients clinical sidebar might look like.

How do I filter my clinical history sidebar?

  • Filter your treatment history using the file icon and the speech bubble icons in the top left of the clinical sidebar.

  • The file icon will show 'All completed items'.

  • The speech bubble icon will filter this and only show 'Items containing clinical notes'.

  • You also have the ability to filter by 'Practitioner' when viewing the treatment items using the drop-down on the right.

  • When viewing images from the tooth icon you can also filter by 'Image type' using the drop-down on the right.

How do I view my clinical history sidebar in full screen?

There is an 'Open in new tab' button at the top right of the clinical history sidebar to open this window in a new tab of your browser window.

clinical history sidebar screenshot with the open in new tab icon highlighted

This will close the sidebar within Dentally and move it to a separate tab instead.

If you then change the patient you are working on in Dentally, that separate tab will close automatically to avoid any confusion and minimise the risk of GDPR issues.

Can I resize the clinical history sidebar?

You can resize the sidebar by grabbing the vertical partition line between the panel and the rest of the screen.

Once resized, your user will retain this setting when viewing future patient records.

Can I view images/x-rays on my clinical history sidebar?

Yes! Dentally Vision users will be able to view all images from their cloud gallery in their clinical history sidebar.

screenshot of the clinical sidebar with the images tab selected

🚨 Important: ONLY Dentally Vision users will see images from their Cloud Gallery on the clinical history sidebar!

How do I pin my sidebar on the screen?

You can pin your sidebar to the left of your Dentally screen using the 'Pin' πŸ“Œ icon in the top right of the clinical sidebar.

Pinning your sidebar means it will always be there; even when you swap patients, the sidebar will refresh with the new patient's clinical history.

How to close the clinical history sidebar?

You can manually close the clinical history sidebar using the ❌ 'Close' icon in the top right of the screen.

If the sidebar has been pinned when switching between patients, the sidebar will reload the current patient's clinical history.

If the sidebar is NOT pinned or the panel has been opened in a new tab, that tab and/or sidebar will be closed when you navigate away from the patient.

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