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Financial Reports
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Payment Allocation Totals ReportHow to get the most out of the Payment Allocation Totals Report
Payment Allocations ReportHow to get the most out of the Payment Allocations Report
How to check online payment received using the Takings Report in DentallyHow to use the Takings Report to check Stripe payments (online payments) have been received
Invoice Timeline ReportHow to get the best from the Invoice timeline report
How can I find and contact all patients who owe money?How to use the Patients Report to find patients who owe you money, no further treatment booked, contact them & include a payment link
How do I ensure the Income Report shows the correct values if a Dentist and Hygienist work on the same patient?How to make sure the Income Report shows the correct values of income if a dentist and a hygienist work on the same patient?
How to view our takings for fillings over the yearHow to use the Income and Practitioner Activity Reports to find annual takings or activity.
How can I see what I am due to be paid?How to see what practitioners have earned during a set period
How do I track all bad debtors?How to use the Patients Report to track all bad debtors
The Private Forecast ReportThe Private Forecast Report
UDA Forecast Report in DentallyThe UDA Forecast report allows you to track the status of NHS treatments & identify claims that are in danger of being late.
Why does the Income Report in Dentally show different information from the takings report?How to help explain differences comparing totals in the income report and takings report
Takings report bundles - for Xero users onlyHow do bundles work in my takings report?
Takings ReportHow to use the Takings Report to see the practice's takings for a set period
Invoices ReportHow to get the most from the invoices report
The Income ReportHow to use the Income Report for total income, NHS patient charges, UDAs and unexplained payments.
Sundries ReportHow to view all sundry items that have been invoiced in a specified time frame...
Using the Income report to pay associatesHow to use the income report to figure out what to pay your associates in Dentally