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How to use the New Patients per Month Report in DentallyHow to use the New Patients per Month Report to see how many new patients have registered with you each month and acquisition source.
Using Dentally's 'Birthdays' reportLet's take a look at how to use the Birthday's report...
How do I find Lapsed PatientsHow to use the Lapsed Patients Report to identify patients that have not had an appointment since a specified date.
How can I find all my new patients?How to use the Patients Report to find all the new patients since a certain date
How to use the 'Patients Report' to identify effective acquisition sourcesHow to find out how many new patients you have and how you acquired them...
Age groups reportThe age groups report can help you identify demographics of your patient list.
How to use the 'Patients' report in DentallyLearn how to use the 'Patients' Report in Dentally to customise, run & save reports based on various patient information.
How to use filters in the 'Patients' reportUnderstand how filters work and how to make the most out of them in the 'Patients' report.
How to use the Patients Report and bulk messaging to contact patients in DentallyHow to use the Patients report to create a group of patients and send an email to those patients using a template within Dentally
Finding patients who have had high-value treatments - Patients ReportThis segment on the patient report can be useful for targeting your marketing efforts to patients who have had higher-value treatments.
Finding new patients with no appointment - Patients ReportThis segment on the patients means you can find patients who have been added to Dentally but never had an appointment at your practice!