Dentally Settings

Getting Started, Dentally Settings & General FAQ's

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Dentally Vision

Using Dentally Vision, FAQs and your Complete User Guide Download link.

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Product updates and new features are outlined in our monthly changelog here

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Dentally Portal

How to configure your Portal, manage online appointment booking and help patients

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Patient Record

A collection of articles to help support you with all your patient record related questions

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Charting in Dentally, all you need to know!

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Appointment Calendar

Lets take a look at what you need to know about your Appointment calendar

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All your important financial and accounts information.

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Manual and Automated Recalls to keep your appointment book busy

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Tutorials and Information about Dentally Reports

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A collection of articles relating to Dentally's features for multi-site practices

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Patient Communications

Patient correspondence, templates, letters, SMS and email - all you need to know.

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NHS - UK Only

NHS help guides for England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland

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CDAnet and Insurance - CA Only

These articles are specific to Dentally Users in Canada ONLY!

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Health Fund Claims - AU Only

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Read more about PRSI claims in Dentally here.

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Apps and software that Dentally integrates with to make your life easier

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