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Dentally Portal Online Booking, What the Practice Sees
Dentally Portal Online Booking, What the Practice Sees

How the Practice sees and Reports on appointments booked, and payments taken using Online Appointment Booking

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Appointments booked online will appear in the Calendar automatically once a patient has completed the booking process. Let's look at what this looks like from the perspective of a dental practice ...

In the Calendar, when you hover over an appointment that was made via Online Appointment Booking, you see that the label says what treatment was booked and that it was 'Booked online' - this is automatically added as a note on the appointment, so it will be visible in the Calendar and on the day list printout.

print outs

The patient's appointment tab will show that the appointment was booked online under the Notes section.

Dentally patient Appointment tab showing appointment booked online

Reporting on Appointments Booked Online

Appointment booking online can be specifically reported on within Dentally and within your own Portal Manage app.

You can use the Appointments Report to see how many patients are using the online booking system. Set your date range and practitioner in the filters and set the 'Booked Online' filter to 'Yes (via API)'.

booked online
booked and managed online

This will give you a list of all the online appointments in this time frame. You can tell at a glance whether an appointment was made or cancelled online because of the small lightning bolt symbol next to the status tag.

Remember the date range at the top of the Appointments report can be switched to show appointments in the diary between dates or appointments booked between those dates.

This is especially helpful to see how many patients use your online booking option per month.

Dentally Appointment Report filter for online bookings

You can also report on your online booking directly from your Dentally Portal Manage App. Read all about this here in our dedicated help article.

Managing Online Payments

Deposit Payments - If a deposit payment has been made, it will show in the account tab in the patient's record and show the payment method as "Other". You can explain this payment or wait for the patient's next invoice to be raised. This payment will then be automatically allocated to it.

Dentally Deposit payments made via the Patient Portal in Account tab

Once the payment has been explained, it will look like this.

Dentally Payment made via patient portal explained

In your Takings Report, you will see any deposits taken using the Patient Portal and Online Appointment Booking system as unexplained payments, with a transaction number taken by the online booking user account that has been set up for you.

Taking online payments - Payments made using the Dentally Portal are shown in the Takings Report as paid with the payment method of Stripe or Google Pay respectively.

online payments

Stripe Payments in the patient account tab - Payments taken through the Patient Portal show in the patient's Account tab, linking the payment method of Stripe to a transaction number and the invoice number.

stripe invoice

Cancelling a Payment

If the patient cancels their appointment, the deposit remains in their account, and the appointment tab shows the cancelled appointment.

You can refund the deposit over the phone or in person with the customer and then process this refund on their Dentally account as normal.

We do not recommend deleting the payment from Stripe or Dentally as this will leave no paper trail on the payment or refund to the customer.

What a practice sees in a patient's audit trail

In the audit trail for a patient, any details recorded using the online portal will show as having been created or amended by the Online Booking/ Portal User for your practice.

audit trail

Remember this user will have been set up by Dentally when you purchased Dentally Portal and may vary from 'Online Booking'

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