With the iPad app, patients can complete their medical history and sign it while in the waiting room. Reception staff can save and upload it in seconds and the signed copy is saved for good against the patient’s record, keeping your reception paper free!

Here’s how you do it:

  • In the iPad app, with the relevant patient selected, any previous medical histories will be shown in the ‘Medical’ tab at the bottom of the screen.

medical history ipad dentally

  • Tap on New Medical History

  • Tap Enable Patient mode. This will lock the iPad app so the medical history form is all they can see.

  • Once the patient is happy with the answers they have given, they can sign the box at the bottom and press Done. They will then be told to pass the iPad back.

  • The iPad can then be unlocked by a member of staff who taps on Save. The signature and answers checked and the signed form saved.

  • The signed medical history form can now be seen in the Medical tab of the patient’s record. It will have a pen icon against it to show it has been signed and as such cannot be edited.

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