The practice recall settings allow you to set the default options for recalls for your dental practice.  Go to Settings > Practice Settings > Recalls tab.  You need a user account with Level 4 (Administrator) permissions to view this menu.

Enabling Recalls

For recalls to work they must first be enabled here.
Remember to Save the changes.

Run Recalls

This is where you set the number of weeks in advance recalls are run. This is how long you have to get in contact with the patient and encourage them to book a recall appointment before their appointment is actually due.

Creating your Correspondence Templates

Visit our guide on setting up correspondence templates and make sure you select the option to make the template available in the recall list.

Recall Automation

If you want to allow automated recalls, you need to enable it here.

Dentally Practice Settings - Enable automation

Set your Daily correspondence limit for automated recalls here. This is a Daily limit.
If you want to limit the days on which Recalls are sent out to patients, set the delivery days here.

Remember to Save any changes that you make.

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