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How to turn on and configure the Hover Chart
How to turn on and configure the Hover Chart

How to enable/disable and configure my hover charting

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How to turn on/off the Hover Chart

  • Navigate to a patient's chart screen.

  • Click on the cog icon βš™οΈ in the lower right of the chart next to your charting tabs.

  • Once in your 'Charting preferences' screen simply toggle on or off the 'Hover chart' option.

πŸ“ Please note: This is configured per user and would need to be enabled individually for each practitioner.

Manual Override

How to configure the hover chart?

  • Follow the instructions above to enable 'Hover chart' first.

  • Then scroll down to the 'Hover chart treatments' section.

  • To manually select your own treatment to appear on the 'Hover chart', choose 'Manual override'

  • You will then see a 'Treatment chart menu' and 'Base chart menu' appear.

  • Simply use the dropdown to select your desired treatment items under both menus.

  • Once you are happy simply close the screen.

gif video of choosing manual override and selecting our treatment


How does it choose treatment?

When enabled with 'Treatment selection' set to 'Automated' the hover chart will begin to learn your most used treatment items to fill up your hover chart.

The treatments suggested will be based on your most commonly used treatment items, and the planned and base hover chart will differ to guarantee maximum efficiency when charting.

πŸ’‘ Top tip: If you don't see your hover chart treatment fill up right away, don't worry! It takes time for Dentally to learn your most charted items.

Continue to chart as normal, and after a while, you will see this begin to fill up πŸŽ‰

What does the hover chart look like when charting?

  • The 'Hover chart' will appear as you move your mouse across the graphical chart.

  • Simply select the desired treatment item from the Hover chart and then select the tooth or surface on which you wish to chart it.

  • You can remove an incorrectly charted item by simply clicking on it again.

a gif video of a user charting using the hover chart.

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