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How to set up treatment plan templates
How to set up treatment plan templates

Learn how to create personal or shared Treatment Plan Templates, why you should use them and how to remove them.

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How do I create a treatment plan template?

  • Open a new course of treatment

  • Chart the treatment plan as you would wish it to appear in future use. If a particular treatment item needs to be charted on a tooth, just chat on any tooth for the purpose of creating the template.

πŸ’‘ Top Tip: You can create this course of treatment on any patient, as we will not be charging or completing the items, and they can be removed later after the template has been made.

  • Once you have charted all the treatment items needed, switch to 'Plan Templates' in the top-left of the chart screen

plan templates

  • To save this treatment plan as a template, click the '+ New' button.

  • Give the template a name to help when choosing it from a list and select which treatment category this falls into.

  • Under 'Access' choose whether this template is 'Personal' or 'Shared'.

  • Then click 'Save'.

  • The template can now be selected from the list and used on any patient.

To help find your templates, they can be marked as favourites and searched for using their name or category, just like treatment items.

Difference between 'Personal' and 'Shared' treatment plan templates

Templates can be created as 'Personal' or 'Shared'.

  • Shared templates can be seen and used by anyone at your practice.

  • Personal templates will only be seen by the user who created them.

πŸ“ Please note: All templates that exist prior to the introduction of this feature in April 2024 will be automatically marked as shared.

Why should I use treatment plan templates?

Treatment plan templates allow you to chart multiple treatments and appointments for a patient with a single click saving you considerable time when charting complex and long treatments πŸŽ‰

In addition, they will ensure consistency across larger practices and groups, allowing the same procedures to be used for each type of treatment plan.

How to remove a treatment plan template

  • To remove a treatment plan template, click the bin next to it on the treatment plan template screen.

  • Then 'Confirm' your deletion.

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