Charting a BPE

How to chart a BPE

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Charting a Basic Periodontal Examination from the Chart screen is quick and simple.

If a BPE is due, the BPE tab in the patient’s chart screen will show a red marker.

The patient’s BPE tab will show this red marker if the patient has never had a BPE recorded, or when the time has elapsed that was requested on their last BPE.

Clicking on ‘Record New BPE’ will bring up the BPE score grid.

  • To add a score to a grid box, click on the box and type the number you require.

  • To add bleeding, press the ‘B’ key

  • To add furcation (*), press the ‘F’ key

  • The combined score will change as you edit scores in the grid

  • Setting a score of 1 will automatically also record bleeding in that area

  • You can set a reminder for the next BPE exam. This will display the red marker again when the time has elapsed.

  • Once the BPE is complete click ‘Save’ to record the exam

You can remove the Chart if required by clicking the Bin icon by the Chart Score.

To edit a saved chart, you will need to remove the chart and record again.

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