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How to chart a BEWE examination

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Basic Erosive Wear Examinations (BEWE) can be charted in Dentally alongside a BPE. BEWE is a simple measure of how worn a patient's teeth are.

Like BPEs, Dentists are required to take six readings for the entire mouth - one reading per sextant. Each reading is scored on a scale of 0-3:

  • Code 0 - No enamel tooth wear

  • Code 1 - Initial loss of enamel tooth surface texture

  • Code 2 - Distinct defect, hard tissue loss <50%

  • Code 3 - Hard tissue loss >50%

BEWEs are often recorded at the same time as BPEs (Basic Periodontal Examination) so in Dentally we've added a BEWE tab to each BPE.

BEWE dentally

Only a score of 0-3 will be accepted, all other inputs will be rejected.

Record either a BPE or a BEWE exam or both by switching between the tabs on the exam. The BEWE tab will show for all new BPE/BEWEs however if a user saves the BPE/BEWE without completing the BEWE section then the tab won't be visible when viewing the saved exam.

The cumulative total score for all recorded sextants are displayed vs a maximum possible score. The maximum possible score is calculated as the number of sextants recorded * 3. e.g. a maximum of 18 if recording a score for all 6 sextants.

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