Using the Audit Trail

How to use the audit tab to view all the activity on a patient's account.

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You can use the Audit tab to view all the activity on a patient’s account. This tab is only available to Administrators - those users with Level 4 Access in the Security settings of their User profile. 

You will be presented with columns of information as follows:

  • Audit ID - logs every activity on the system.

  • Date of the action.

  • The User who has undertaken the action.

  • What - the object that has been part of the action.

  • The Action which has been undertaken.

  • View which shows users the changes.

You can filter the list of activity on the list to help find what you are looking for. These filters allow you to shorten the list down to just the type of information you are looking for, for example, changes in Appointments. Or you can filter the list to just show you the type of activity, for example, deletions, and finally, you can filter by User, to allow you to see everything a particular user has done.

Using the filters in conjunction with each other will allow you to filter down very specifically. For example, to show All Appointments Deleted by a particular User all on one list.

audit filters dentally

Tips for using the Audit

New entries for all types of data will show as Created in green. Any changes to a piece of information will show as Updated in blue. These lines will be produced when an appointment is marked as cancelled, or a note is amended for example. Full deletion of a piece of data will show as Deleted in Red.

When you have found an Audit line for the piece of information you are looking for, it is worth noting its number. All payments, appointments, patients, etc. have a unique number associated with them. Tracking that piece of information by its number through the audit will let you piece together its full history in Dentally and track every change.

If a piece of information has been updated, the Update line in the Audit will show you how the data looked before and after it was changed.

How the information stood initially is shown on the left and how it was saved, on the right.

audit example in dentally

In the example above, we can see how the appointment was changed:

The note has been added, asking for the change in Dentist.

The Room has been changed from 2 to 3.

The time has been changed. Initially, we can see that the appointment started at 13:00 and ended at 13:30. On the right, we can see that it now starts at 14:00 and ends at 14:30.

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