Prior Approval Required

You sometimes need to request a Prior Approval if:

  • The total cost of treatment exceeds the practitioner's prior approval limit, which is currently set at £410.00

  • Some of the items in the Treatment Plan are set to require one. As you can see below, a triangle warning sign lets you know that an individual treatment needs prior approval.

The Prior Approval Process

Dentally lets you create and submit a prior approval request which is then validated by Practitioner Services. The validation ensures that all the information supplied is consistent.

If it is accepted by Practitioner Services, then you will see a status code that tells you what to do next. This code may be a request to upload or send supporting evidence (see below). After the evidence is uploaded in Dentally, you must update the Prior Approval and tell Practitioner Services it was sent. Once it is reviewed, the status at Practitioner Services will change to reflect this.

Dentally runs a request for updates daily. Over time, the status of the Prior Approval submission will change as the request is progressed, and as you submit information. Dentally will notify you when changes occur.

Other Dentally web pages to help you with Prior Approvals include:

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