Use Rotas to build practitioner calendars, set working patterns, holidays, cleaning breaks.

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A Practitioner's availability is depicted in the Calendar through the white space. By default, a Practitioner is shown as available during the opening hours of the practice (see setting opening hours)

A practice with three practitioners open Monday-Friday, 9 am-5 pm, will show all three Practitioners as available during those times.

Using Schedules

Practitioner scheduling enables you to define the availability of individual practitioners independently of the practice opening hours. If a practitioner typically works Monday, Tuesday and half day Wednesday, you can create a schedule to reflect this working pattern, meaning the calendar will show them as unavailable for the second half of the week.

This removes the need to manually block off large parts of the calendar for certain practitioners and ensures your hours are currently reflected in your reporting.

Setting up a Schedule

Schedules can be found in Settings > Diary

The Schedule screen lists all schedules create for all practitioners. To create a New Schedule click +Schedule button.

Select the Practitioner you wish to create a schedule for. For practices with more than 1 location you can use the Location filter to narrow down your practitioner list.

Start date: The schedule must have a start date. It will default to the current date.

End date: This is optional. Setting an end date will mean the schedule will stop being applied from that date. If there is no other Schedule set to start from that date then the practitioner's availability will return to the practice opening hours. With no end date set, the Schedule will run indefinitely.

Cycle: Selecting multi week cycle allows you to create a scheduled than spans up to 4 weeks.

Enable Schedule?: When you save your schedule it will be saved as Inactive unless you tick the Enable schedule? check box. This is to be removed soon.

Define working hours

Once a you select a Practitioner their default schedule will be shown. The default schedule matches the opening days/hours of the practice.

You can update the Start and End times for each day by typing in the relevant box.

To make a practitioner unavailable for the entire day click the calendar icon on the right of the row, Click again to make them available again.

Add Breaks

To add a break, first click the two-headed arrow to the right of the day. This opens the Breaks option.

To Add a break, click on the +Add break button. Breaks are automatically set to a duration of 15 minutes.

Edit the start and end times - click Done when you have selected the times. You can give your break a name - this will appear on the Calendar. You can add as many breaks as required.

Multi-Week Schedules

Repeat the two steps above to set the availability and breaks for each week of the cycle.

The Calendar View

Once you enable the Schedule, the availability will show in the Calendar.


The Diaries gives you a list of practitioner availability for the dates set.

You cannot change or edit anything from this screen.

To change or edit a schedule you need to edit the schedule from the Schedules menu.

Edit a Schedule

To edit a schedule click on the edit button to the right of the schedule. This opens the schedule and you can make the amendments you need. The screen is the same as the creation screen.

You can change the duration, add or remove breaks, add or remove days. Once you are happy you can save the changes. The changes will take effect immediately.

Delete a Schedule

To Delete a schedule, click on the bin icon to the right of the schedule.

Layering Schedules

Schedules can be layered giving you the ability to have the practitioner's normal working hours as well as any annual leave and any ad-hoc days that need opening or closing active all at one time.

In the example below 👇 you can see that practitioner Rosie Driver has three schedules active all at once...

Schedule 1 - Normal working hours are set until February.

Schedule 2 - Normal working hours are set from March to October.

Schedule 3 - Diary closed for annual leave for two weeks in August.

Dentally Rotas layering Schedules
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