Rotas allow you to create blocks of unavailable time in your practitioner's calendar. They can be used for practitioner holidays, cleaning, and working patterns. Rotas are powerful and totally flexible to suit each individual site's needs.

Rotas can be added and edited by users with Level 4 (Administrator) permissions.

Rotas are currently in Beta test mode. If you would like to use the Rotas, please contact Support and ask to become a Beta tester for Rotas.

Rotas combine 3 elements.

  1. Stencils

  2. Schedules

  3. Diaries

You use them in this combination.

  1. Set up a Stencil

  2. Use the Stencil to set up Schedules

  3. Use the Schedule to set up the Diaries

Diary Menu

Find Rotas under Settings > Diary

Dentally Rotas Main menu items


Dentally Rotas Stencil Screenshot

Stencils create a template or pattern which can then be used to create Schedules quickly.

A Stencil consists of a site, a cycle, a name and the working pattern.

Set up a Stencil

Dentally Rotas Add A Stencil
  • To set up a new stencil, click on + Stencil - top right of the screen

Dentally Rota New Stencil Screenshot
  • Set a unique name for the stencil. Make it easy to see from the name what the stencil is for.

  • Set the cycle - is it every week, every 2 weeks to suit the working pattern of the site. For a multi-week cycle, create the first week of the cycle, with hours, breaks, then change the cycle to 2 weeks. The second week will copy the first week, allowing for a much faster setup.

  • Set the location.

  • Enable the Stencil when you have completed the stencil schedule. The Stencil is not enabled by default. This allows you to set up Stencils in advance and enable them when you need them.

  • Stencils that are not enabled can be found under the Hidden filter.

Stencil Schedule

  • Now set up the pattern you wish to create.

  • Locate the stencil you wish to use from the Active filter

Dentally Rota Stencil showing Active filter

In the example below, you will see that the stencil sets the working pattern for the weekends, in the winter. Opening hours are 9:45-13:15 on Saturdays. There are 2 cleaning breaks each of 15 minutes duration.

Set up Stencil Schedule

  • Set up the pattern of working hours.

  • If you want to add breaks, for cleaning or lunch, click on +Add break

  • Add the start and stop times

  • Select the time and click Done

  • Save the Stencil Schedule

In the example below, the week's working pattern is set with breaks for lunch, except on Wednesday, when it's a half day and the site closes at 12:30.

Dentally Rota Stencil Schedule Screenshot

Add Breaks

Dentally Rotas Breaks
  • To add a break, first click the two-headed arrow to the right of the day.

  • This opens the Breaks option.

  • To Add a break, click on the +Add break button.

  • Breaks are automatically set to a duration of 15 minutes.

Dentally Select time
  • Edit the start and end times - click Done when you have selected the times

  • Give your break a name - this will appear on the Calendar

  • Build the Stencil day by day

  • Save the Stencil when complete

Dentally Rotas  4 Breaks set up

A multiple week Stencil

If you want to set up a Stencil for more than one week, a top tip is to set up a Stencil for one week, add all the breaks etc.

  • Then change the cycle to 2 weeks. This will copy the first week.

  • Make the changes you need for the second week.

  • Save the Stencil.

Edit a Stencil

  • To edit a Stencil click on the edit icon.

  • Make the changes you require.

  • Save the changes

N.B. Changes to stencils apply from the day you make the change, going forwards. Changes do NOT affect or change any schedules already built using the original stencil.


Schedules are used to build diaries, they implement a stencil and you do need a stencil to make a schedule. You can create multiple schedules for the same practitioner, over the same time frame to build rich complex working patterns.

Add a new Schedule

  • To add a new schedule click on the +Schedule button

Dentally Rotas Add A Schedule
  • You now apply a stencil to a practitioner

Dentally Rotas Schedule details

  • Set the start and end date. N.B. Once the practitioner, stencil and start date have been set, they cannot be altered.

  • Once the Practitioner and the stencil have been selected, the schedule for that stencil appears. It can be altered for the individual practitioner if necessary.

  • Enable the Schedule

  • Save the Schedule

Dentally Rotas Schedule details

The Calendar View

Dentally Calendar showing Rota

Once you enable the Schedule, the availability will show in the Calendar.


The Diaries gives you a list of practitioner availability for the dates set.

Dentally Rotas Diaries screenshot

You cannot change or edit anything from this screen.

  • To change or edit a schedule you need to edit the schedule from the Schedules menu.

Edit a Schedule

Dentally Rotas Edit or delete a Schedule
  • To edit a schedule click on the edit button to the right of the schedule.

  • This opens the schedule and you can make the amendments you need. The screen is the same as the creation screen.

  • You can change the duration, add or remove breaks, add or remove days.

  • Save the changes.

Delete a Schedule

  • To Delete a schedule, click on the bin icon to the right of the schedule.

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