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January 2021 - Changelog
January 2021 - Changelog

Please find below the changelog for January 2021 which summarises our latest product developments and updates.

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🆕 Multi-Site Practices: We have introduced a number of new features for our multi site practices:

  • Reports - updated to only display the locations that the user has access to.

  • Tasks - you can now filter tasks by location. A task is considered linked to a location based on the following criteria: the assignee a member of that location or; the associated patient is a member of that location. This means that tasks with no patient or assignee will appear on all locations.

  • Contacts - Creating a specialist from a patient's record will automatically assign that specialist to the location that you currently have selected

  • Appointments - dashboard appointments select will only list locations the user has access to.

  • Inbox - You can only view inboxes of the locations you have access to do so.


🆕 Patient Portal and Online Appointment Booking: We have introduced new features, as well as optimising the web app for faster load times. The update includes:

Patient balance payments and cancellation fees now handled via the patient basket (with support for 3D secure card payments).

We have introduced a change to domains name:

Patients will be automatically forwarded to your new domain, so there are no changes required to your links within Dentally or from any Social Media pages where you are currently using a link to the online booking or patient portal. Ask the support team if you have any queries or would like to see the new style domain name for your portal.

Please note: COMING SOON...configuration for these settings are currently carried out by our support team, however a feature for practices to administer these themselves is being developed.

  • We have added the ability for a practitioner to be marked as not available for recall appointments. Practitioners can still be available for other online appointments but any patients assigned to the practitioner with the setting enabled will not be able to book in with them for recalls, they will default to other practitioners.

  • Invoices can now be viewed in the patient portal.

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  • Invoices and treatment plans can also be downloaded as PDF's.

Take a look online to learn more about the Patient Portal here.

🌟Improved: Error message for locked payments. We have made a small change to replace the 'bin' icon with a lock symbol for payments or invoices that are locked. If you hover over the icon an explanation is shown to tell you why the payment or invoice is locked.

🌟Improved: NHS England triage update. The triage forms were updated, so that it would prevent users from submitting claims if information was missing including patient postcode and practitioner NHS number. We have also updated copy for Dental Care Profession option and fixed the bug that prevents Ortho regulation 11 claims from being submitted.

🌟Improved: You can now see the ID of the Stripe account you've linked to Dentally from your practice settings

🌟Improved: We've added a new data tag for appointment reason - you can now indicated on the patient's appointment correspondence the reason for their appointment.

🐛 Fixed: Correspondence templates. We have resolved the issue where correspondence templates that were assigned to a specific location, could not be viewed when at that location.

🐛 Fixed: Practitioner notes. We have fixed an issue with practitioner notes showing all user notes and not just for an individual user.

🐛 Fixed: Patient correspondence. We have fixed the bug with patient correspondence which meant that documents were downloading as a Chrome HTML document.

If you have any queries then please do speak to our Support team in the app or email us [email protected]

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