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How to process and submit a Health Fund Estimate - APAC

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Sending an Estimate

To start processing a Health Fund Estimate, you simply need to complete the patient charting/treatment planning as normal.

Once all planned treatments have been completed, to generate a new health fund Estimate you simply click the Estimate button and choose โŸถ Health Fund Estimate

health fund process

This will bring up the existing Estimates page, where you can make any necessary changes to the template or body text before sending (and then printing) the Estimate for the patient

Once any necessary changes have been made, you can send the Estimate by clicking the Send button in the top right-hand corner of the screen

new health fund estimate

There will be a message on the terminal advising the patient to swipe their card - at this point, they simply need to swipe their private health insurance card - once this process has been successfully completed (and approved) this response gets sent back into Dentally.

Finally, there will be a message on the screen advising that this process has been successful, and you simply need to click Finish.

health fund estimate\

Viewing the Estimate - Patient Print Out

Once finished, you will receive a print dialogue box pop-up and at this point, you can either print or cancel the dialogue box to view the estimate on-screen (existing functionality). Following this, you're taken back to the Estimates screen where you can make any final changes to the Estimate (if they weren't made earlier) and finally 'Save' it.

new health fund estimate

The patient Estimate print-out will also appear in a new tab ready to be printed (existing functionality). On this print out there are some additional pieces of information specific to Health Fund Estimates only so that patients can quickly get an understanding of the information they need:

  • For each procedure code, the patient will have a view of the price, the rebate from their health fund, and any gap payment

  • For each visit, the patient will be able to view a rolled-up total of each, so they can easily see what their gap payment is per visit.

  • At the bottom of the page, they will have rolled up totals for the full treatment plan which includes:

    • Total amount

      • This is the Total based on the full treatment price

    • Rebate amount

      • This is the total amount covered by the Health Fund

    • Gap Payment amount

      • This is the expected payment the patient will need to pay out of pocket (the difference between the Total & the Rebate amounts)

print out health fund

This information can be referred back to at any time in the patient's correspondence (existing functionality).

Viewing the Estimate - Charting Screen

This information can also be seen directly on the charting screen - so providers can easily see a quick overview of the costs associated, or in the case of providing multiple treatment plan options to a patient (with multiple estimates), once the estimates have been completed for each, the provider can simply switch between tabs and still have visibility over the expected costs for the patient, rather than having to manage multiple printed sheets of paper:

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