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How to customise Dentally Portal's appearance to match your brand
How to customise Dentally Portal's appearance to match your brand

How to customise your Dentally Portal in line with your practice and brand.

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How do I customise the appearance of my Portal page?

To change the appearance, colours and logo of your Portal page:

  • Head to 'Customise' in the toolbar on the left-hand side, and click 'Portal page'.

  • Click 'Add a brand' to create a new appearance template (or if you already have an existing brand created, click the brand's name.

From here you can change various elements of your Portal page, including the:

  • 'Display name' - This will be used in the browser tab, as well as in any SMS and email correspondence sent through Portal.

  • 'Portal web address' - Here you can copy or customise your practice's URL.

  • 'Logo' - Upload your practice's brand logo as an image file.

  • 'Colour' - This is your main brand colour and will be used in various instances across Portal including for action buttons.

If applicable, you can select which sites you want to be included in this brand (so the appearance template you have created will apply automatically across all of them).

πŸ’‘ Top tip: Once you've changed your Portal web address, don't forget to update any existing patient communication templates to use the new web address URL you have created.

Why is it important to customise your brand's appearance on Portal?

Customising your portal will make it clear to patients that the Portal they are accessing is linked to your practice - this reassures patients that the website is legit, improves brand consistency and will positively impact the patient experience.

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