How to access a patient's treatment/clinical history?

When you are on the chart screen of the patient you can access any historic treatment by navigating to the History button in the bottom right of the chart screen.

Why would I need to export a patient's treatment history?

When patients want to move to another practice they typically want to take the treatment history with them.

How do I export the patient's treatment history?

Practices can export treatment history for patients to pass on to their new Practice by using the “Export as PDF” button on the Treatment History page

The “Export as PDF” button now has a dropdown to include options for the Practice depending on what information they want to pass on to the patient's new Practice.

These options are:

Standard: This is the same as the original download option in Dentally and contains all relevant treatment information in a detailed format.

Concise: This option excludes pricing and payment plan information and will display the treatment description, the teeth it applies to, the Practitioner and the date it was charted and completed. This is presented in an easy to read table format.

Concise with notes: This is the same as the Concise version with the addition of Notes. Notes are formatted as plain text.

Long notes will display as follows:

This report will export as a PDF document that can be printed and handed to the patient.

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