Blocking out the Calendar

How to block out your calendar to prepare for meetings, holidays, training etc...

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Blocking out your Calendar for Meetings, Training etc… is a simple task and can be done in several ways. The easiest way is to create an appointment without assigning a patient to the block.


Step by Step;

  • select the time you would like the block to start by simply left-clicking the white space.

  • you can also click and drag the selected duration.

  • you can then choose the desired reason.

    • if you do not see what you want in the list you can add custom reasons in your Dentally settings

    • go to Settings > Diary > Appointment Reasons

  • enter the duration in minutes

  • and enter anything you'd like to show in the blocked section as a note.

  • your finished block will be coloured grey to identify that it has no patient allocated to it.

  • If you are using our Dentally Portal with online booking, if the space is showing as grey it will also stop this time slot from appearing as available online.

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