How to use task reminders

Find out how task reminders work, how to enable them, and how they can increase digital form collections for your practice and save time.

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How do I activate task reminders?

You can enable task reminders in the Portal admin dashboard, under 'Patient Notifications'. Learn more about how to turn on task reminders with our helpful guide.

What happens when a task reminder is sent?

Task reminders will appear in the form of SMS texts with a unique link - find out more about what the patient will see here.

Task reminders are only sent to patients whose appointments meet the criteria.

πŸ“ Please note: Practice notification texts sent to patients may incur a charge for your practice.

Are task reminders secure?

Each patient receives a unique link for their tasks, meaning the link is personal for them. In the unlikely event that a link is sent to the wrong person, they will be asked to confirm their date of birth as an identity check.

For security, no saved personal information about the patient is exposed by following the link. Links also expire after a certain amount of time.

How do task reminders benefit my practice?

Task reminders are the best way to get your patients to complete forms online before coming to the practice. Benefits of using task reminders and paperless forms include:

  • Smart automation - Task reminders only send to patients with outstanding tasks to complete, so no need for generic communications to patients who don't need it.

  • Save time and space - No need for scanning or manually inputting data, freeing up your team's time for other crucial tasks and reducing the need for physical storage.

  • Reduce paper waste - Helping your practice and the environment with paperless forms.

  • Reduce human error - With digital form filling, practices will automatically gather patient responses, so there is less chance of incorrect data being recorded.

  • Improved security - With two-factor authentication for patients, reducing the chance of an accidental data breach.

Task reminders will ensure your patients know what forms they need to complete and when.

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