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Clinical history side panel
Clinical history side panel

Discover the new clinical history side panel and how it works in Dentally.

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After listening to your feedback we have introduced the ability to review your patient's clinical history from anywhere in the patient's record. This means that each user can review charting, images, perio, Appointments, etc without the need to close and return to the notes.

GIF Demonstration ๐Ÿ‘‡


As demonstrated in the GIF above we have included the ability to filter the available clinical history...

๐Ÿ‘† In the image above, the two filters on the left switch between 'All completed items' (the standard view in the existing Chart History page) and 'Items containing clinical notes' to enable the user to focus purely on clinical notes, if required. The entries can also be filtered by Practitioner using the drop-down on the right.

Pop-out view

There is an option in the top right to open this window in a new tab in your browser if preferred.


You can resize the sidebar by grabbing the vertical partition bar between the panel and the rest of the screen. If the user does resize it, this setting is retained when viewing future patient records.

Closing the tab

To avoid confusion and to negate the possibility of patients' notes being left on the screen where not appropriate, the panel closes when the current patient's records are closed. If the user moves directly to another patient, the panel must be opened again.

If the panel has been opened in a new tab then when the user moves away from the current patient, that tab will be closed, where the browser allows or blanked where this is not possible in the local environment. This ensures that patient clinical notes are never unknowingly left open.

Have your say, we're listening! ๐Ÿฆป

This whole feature has been introduced in response to your feedback.

We are listening and we want to know what else you think your new clinical history side panel could be doing to make your lives easier.

As such, there is an option to give feedback in the bottom right of the side panel which feeds directly back to us in the product team. We'd really appreciate any feedback sent.

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