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April 2023 - Changelog
April 2023 - Changelog

Details of all the Dentally features and changes you can expect to see in April 2023. Read the full product update below πŸ‘‡

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Welcome to our April 2023 Product Update

Our monthly Product Update and Newsletter are here to keep you informed about what is happening here at Dentally.

You can use the below to navigate to the relevant section or browse the whole changelog at your leisure;

*Key for your reference; 🌟 Improved ,πŸ› Bug Fix , πŸ†• New*

All Regions

πŸ›Bug Fix: Fixed issue with Plaque & Bleeding figures reported in Clinical History.

Removed an issue where the numbers of missing deciduous teeth was causing the Plaque & Bleeding headlines to mis-report outside of the Perio Exam

πŸ›Bug Fix: Timezone bugs

Several fixes have been made to timezones so that they now display correctly.


🌟Improved: Improved Assistance when re-submitting problem claims

We have made changes in order to assist practices with claims which have not been responded to, due to configuration issues.

🌟Improved: Wales NHS ACORN details excluded from Urgent claims

Restrictions put in place to remove any ACORN details inappropriately recorded against Urgent claims in NHS Welsh practices, reducing rejected claims

🌟Improved: Added 'Evidence seen' option

When recording NHS exemptions in NHS Northern Ireland, the user can now record where evidence of NHS Exemption has been recorded.

🌟Improved: Arch Fees

Arch fee automatically added for Crown codes in NHS Northern Ireland

🌟Improved: NHS NI treatment improvements

Point of Treatment check automatically added when recording exemption on claims in NHS Northern Ireland.

🌟Improved: Prior Approval improvements

Increased Prior Approval limit in NHS Northern Ireland as per requirements.

🌟Improved: Removal of COVID Information

COVID-19 information collection has now been removed on NHS England/Wales claims as per CCN56 requirement.

🌟Improved: NHS Chnages

Recording of returned NHS number and alternative patient name information where returned on NHS England Schedules as per CCN57 requirements.

🌟Improved: Improvements to NHS Scotland claims

enhancements made to NHS Scotland claims decoding in order to prevent issues where duplicate list numbers are in use.

πŸ›Bug Fix: Fixed Automatic Application of Default Practitioner Contract on NHS Claims

A Change has been made to improve the automatic assignation of a practitioner's default NHS contract when the practitioner on an NHS claim is changed.


πŸ›Bug Fix: Prescription permissions

If the prescription feature isn't enabled, then the user permissions shouldn't appear in Settings.

πŸ›Bug Fix: Practitioner Allocations Report

Permission levels have been adjusted to ensure that users can only see their own data.

πŸ›Bug Fix: Payment providers

Bugs relating to payment providers displaying have now been fixed.

Afterpay and Openpay have been removed as a selection option.

Dentally Portal

🌟Improved - Help patients understand when forms are not available to sign

Patients were sometimes confused as to why a form couldn't be signed on the Portal. So we've added a message to the top of the form pages with the reason why they can't be signed.

🌟Improved - Form signature box now easier and quicker

We've enhanced the interaction with the signature box on your Dentally Portal forms, making them easier to use and more accessible to all patients. πŸ‘

🌟Improved - Helping to collect more digital forms

We've made some tweaks to the algorithm to allow NHS PR and Medical History forms to be completed after the appointment start time if the surgery is running behind or while patient is in the chair.

🌟Improved - Improving our patient record matching

We've discovered that the patient first name field is a little unreliable from what the patient is entering compared to what their record in dentally contains. We've made some tweaks to our patient matching engine to be smarter, letting more patients register and use Dentally Portal.

πŸ›Bug Fix: NHS HC3 Remission Amount

We've fixed an issue causing the patient remission amount entered on the NHS PR form to not be passed to Dentally. We also found a tweak which needed to be made to the description.

πŸ›Bug Fix: Patients unlocking Portal accounts

Patients were forgetting their password and locking their account with no way to unlock. We now allow patients to unlock their portal account by resetting their password securely.

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