Using clinical note templates in Dentally

Want to learn how to use clinical notes templates instead of writing your notes from scratch after every appointment...

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Using clinical note templates is a fantastic way to save yourself time from writing out everything from scratch after every appointment. You can instead save your most used notes and enter them into your notes field with the click of a button.

Take a look at the below video example👇of how to search, filter and use your already created clinical note templates. Want to read about how to add your own templates? Then head over to our help article here.

Filter clinical notes templates

Filtering can be done by All, Your Own [Users initials], or Shared. You can also click on the blue letters to jump to the templates beginning with that letter.

Insert and remove clinical notes templates

You can add multiple notes at once and even choose to remove selected notes by closing them with the cross, (demonstrated in the above gif) Once you are happy with your selection you can click Insert to bring them over to the patient or cancel to close the screen and disregard your changes.

Remember you can always get in touch with Ellie and the support team via Live Chat in Dentally with any questions.

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