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Using the Income report to pay associates
Using the Income report to pay associates

How to use the income report to figure out what to pay your associates in Dentally

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Let's take a look at how you can use the Income Report to work out how much income each practitioner has brought into the practice.

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The Income Report calculates income based on work charged, and invoices which are FULLY PAID for the selected period.

Dentally Income Report filters
  • Select the Date

  • Select the location

  • Select the payment plan

  • Select the practitioner

  • Exclude the Sundries

  • Exclude Zero Value Items.

Income Report Permissions

The Income Report is available to users depending upon their permissions/ level of access.

  1. Level 2 practitioner can only see their own information

  2. Level 2 non-practitioner cannot see the report at all

  3. Level 3 and Level 4 users can see the report and choose any practitioner

Each individual practitioner can use the Practitioner Activity report to see the income they have personally generated but only the Income Report shows invoices that have been paid.

More about the Income Report

To learn more about the Income Report and how you might use it, we have a number of tutorial webpages for you to refer to.

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