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How patients use ‘Book together’ to combine routine appointments
How patients use ‘Book together’ to combine routine appointments

Understand how to enable and configure ‘Book together’, to allow patients to combine routine appointments.

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Can patients book hygiene and dental appointments at the same time?

The ‘Book together’ function allows patients to combine dental and hygienist appointments into a single visit to the practice – saving them time and making them more likely to book.

📝 Please note: ‘Book together’ will only be available to patients when their dental and hygienist routine appointments are due within 28 days of each other – this window of time cannot be edited.

How do I enable the ‘Book together’ function on Dentally Portal?

Book together’ is already turned on by default if you have Online Booking and automatic recalls enabled.

  • In Portal’s admin dashboard, go to ‘Online booking’ > ‘Settings’.

  • Under ‘Book together’, the toggle will be turned on by default. You can turn it off here if you wish.

  • You can choose the minimum and maximum amount of time you’d like to allow between the two appointments – giving you control over your diary and ensuring patients aren’t waiting long between appointments.

How do patients book routine appointments together on Portal?

When ‘Book together’ is enabled and available to a patient, they will:

  • Follow the link in their routine appointment reminder, or select a treatment as normal on the dashboard.

  • Be prompted to select a second treatment to book together.

  • Be offered the patient any suitable adjacent slots across the practitioners’ diaries.

  • Choose a slot, and then verify the start time for Appointment 1 and the separate start time for Appointment 2, on their chosen date.

  • Confirm and proceed to payment as normal.

📝 Please note: ‘Book together’ is also offered when one or both recall dates are in the past. It will not be offered if the patient has no other recall appointments due, or if they have already booked another routine appointment separately.

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