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How to create and display groups of practitioners in the Calendar

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Calendar Groups allows you to create and display groups of practitioners while viewing the calendar.

For example; you may wish to group all of your Specialists together and view just their calendars on screen at the same time.

To Create a Calendar Group

You create Calendar Groups in the Users section of the Settings Menu, which requires an Administrator-level login.

calendar groups

Once in the Practitioner Groups tab, click on New Group.

This will provide you with an option to name the group and add practitioners:


Once you have named the group, search for the practitioners you wish to add and they will be displayed in the group set-up screen. If you need to remove any, click the X by their name.

Once the group is created and you have clicked Save, it will be visible in the Eye button in the calendar along with your list of Practitioners.

practitioner and groups

Selecting this group in the Calendar will only display the Practitioners you have allocated to it. You can then select and deselect Practitioners as usual when required.

To Amend a Practitioner Group

In the Practitioners Groups tab of the Users menu in Settings, simply delete the group you need to change and create with the correct settings.

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