Setting up the Calendar

Delve into your calendar customisation here...

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Waiting ListsHow to set up and use the waiting list report to fill your appointment calendar & to see who is next on your list.
Setting up a Telephone Triage Diary in DentallyTelephone Triage, new appointment reason, new practitioner, new treatment, custom fields, favourites
Calendar GroupsHow to create and display groups of practitioners in the Calendar
Appointment ReasonsHow to add a new appointment reason to the standard appointment list
How to use zones in your calendarHow to create and use zones – previously known as session appointments – to set aside slots in your calendar for specific reasons.
Appointment Cancellation ReasonsHow to set up your appointment cancellation reasons
Recurring Appointments in CalendarHow to set up recurring appointments in Calendar for lunches, regular working days, change working hours for practitioners
Booking FamiliesHow to book family appointments all at once.
How to cancel and rebook an appointment in Dentally?When using both the clipboard and cancellation features you can make rebooking an appointment super easy...
Calendar ControlsHow to use the controls in the Calendar, including date navigation, room display, Multi-day, appointment colours
Calendar RoomsHow to order your Calendar by Rooms rather than by Practitioner
Waiting RoomHow to see who is in the waiting room, for the practitioner and other practitioners in the practice
Appointment FinderHow to quickly find the next available appointment in the Calendar
Using the ClipboardHow to use the clipboard to move appointments
Selecting a Date in the CalendarHow to navigate the dates in Calendar
How to change your colour preferences on the calendar in DentallyHow to change the colours in your Dentally Diary...