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How to use the controls in the Calendar, including date navigation, room display, Multi-day, appointment colours

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The Navigation Buttons

The date you are looking at will always be displayed here at the top of the calendar. By clicking on this, you will be given a view of the current and new two months, enabling you to jump straight to a date.

The < and > buttons take you forward and back through the days and the + and - buttons will jump you back and forwards through useful periods of time. For example to jump forwards 6 months when booking a recall appointment, simply click on the +6M button. +3M and +6M will jump you forwards 9 months.

The Today button will always return you to today.

Selecting The Practitioner/Room/Group books to view

The Eye button lets you select which practitioners or rooms you want to display. You can view as many as you like at the same time.

The order in which the Practitioners are displayed can be set against the Practitioner’s set up in the Settings menu.

Simply click on a practitioner or room in the list to view their book, or click again to remove it from the view. These settings will be remembered the next time you return to the calendar.

Practitioner Groups will display a set list of practitioners. You can create and modify Practitioner Groups in the Users section of the Settings menu.

We have a web page to help on setting up calendar groups

The Multi day View

When searching for a suitable gap for a patient, it is helpful to be able to see what spaces you have over a period of several days at a time. The Multi Day view will show you 5 days at a time, removing days the practice is not open. Each day will show the selected practitioners or rooms, side by side.

Appointment colours

Colour coding the calendar is a great way of appraising your day at a quick glance. You can colour code the appointments in three ways:

  • Patient’s payment plan - the appointments will be coloured depending on the payment plan of the patient

  • Each dental practitioner or room - each practitioner or room has a different colour for their book

  • Appointment Reason - this will colour the appointments by the colours you have set against the reason the patient is coming to see you

To change your colour preferences select from the available list after clicking on the colour preference button as pictured below.


You can choose to view your Calendar by Practitioners or by Rooms.

If you book patients into a surgery, rather than by the practitioner they see, use this button to switch views. You can then choose which rooms you wish to view by using the Eye button as before.

When booking by Room, you must still select which practitioner the patient is seeing.

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