The NHS require a lot of details to accompany claim submissions. However, once set up, Dentally makes it easy to submit claims.

You will require the following details to hand:

Site ID - This 6 digit number should be obtained when you first move to dentally and register as a new site.

  • Location ID - This refers to the physical location of your practice. It should be entered as a 6 digit number. If the number that appears on Compass is shorter, add 0’s to the front of it until it is 6 digits long eg. 1234 becomes 001234.

  • NHS username - This is usually a long number which contains a date, eg. if you registered a new site in 1st April 2016 then the username would start "20160401"

  • NHS password - This is provided alongside the NHS password when you register the site. Please note it is randomly generated and not something you would have used before.

  • Contract numbers for each of the contracts you wish to claim under (random 10 digit number).

  • Performer numbers & performer pins for each NHS practitioner.

We can help you with this set up during the on-boarding process but having the details ready speeds up the process.

The first step is to ensure NHS is enabled on your practice this can be done in the Practice Settings > NHS tab.

Dentally Practice Settings NHS

  • Ensure you have selected the correct country.

  • Go to New NHS Contract and set the site ID and location number along with your contract details. A contract’s target, start & end date are for your own reference and can be added at a later date if unknown.

  • Next head to the users section of your settings. Settings > Users.

  • Here you can decide which users can submit claims under your NHS account. Click edit and in the Security section, set ‘Can Submit NHS claims’ to Yes.

  • Finally double check that practitioners have a performer number and performer PIN set. This is normally done when the practitioner was created but if they are ever issued a new PIN, it can be entered by clicking enter on the practitioner and entering the new PIN. These numbers are assigned to the performer when they first register with the NHS. It is not linked to the practice and each practitioner should know their own details.

All these details can be found within Compass, if you have trouble finding what you are looking for please use the NHS Dental services Ask us website or call their help-desk on 0300 330 1348 or 0191 279 0572

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