With a treatment plan in place, you can produce an estimate for the patient to review and sign with a couple of clicks.

How to create an Estimate?

1. In the patient's chart, you can choose what to include and exclude from the estimate by ticking or ticking items on the treatment plan in question.

  • * Any treatments with an unticked checkbox will be on the estimate.

  • * Ticking the checkbox will exclude the service item from the estimate.

2. Once the treatment plan has all of the proposed treatments charted, click the ‘Create Estimate’ button.

3. You will be asked which of your predefined estimate templates you wish to use.

  • for AU ONLY "Health Fund" - A estimate included with a health fund quote, requiring the patient to scan there card.

    *No health fund claim will be made and this will serve as an estimate/quote only

4. Select template or edit template as needed.

5. Once you are happy with the content, click the Create button.

Printing, Emailing and the iPad app

When you click ‘Create’ the estimate will be displayed on screen in a new tab. From here you can print the estimate for the patient. Close the tab to return to the patient’s treatment plan.

That estimate has now also been saved in the patient’s correspondence screen and can be viewed or reprinted from there.

The saved estimate is also now available for the patient to sign using the iPad app.

Follow the instructions for signing estimates on the iPad app on our iPad estimates web page.

Updating the Estimate after saving

Once you have saved your Estimate, using the Create button, if there are changes required - for instance, if you spot a mistake in the wording in the body, you can make those changes in the screen in the same way as the Estimate was first created. Clicking the Update Estimate button will save the changes and again, ask if the Estimate is to be printed.

Creating Multiple Estimates

In some instances, you may need to create multiple Estimates or documents which require signing for the same treatment plan. For example, you may with to create an Estimate and one or several Consent forms for the same treatment plan.

Once you have selected your template, adjusted the wording where required and Created your estimate, click the Create New Estimate option and the process can be started again. The previous estimate document will have been saved to the patient's correspondence section, and a new document can be created by choosing a template, editing where required and saved, again using the Create button.

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