Permission levels describe the amount of access a user has when using Dentally. We have overall Permission Levels, and the ability to customise permissions..

Overall Permission Levels 

0 - No Access (Access Level 0)

This option means the user will have no access to the system. This User level is useful for when a member of staff leaves as it removes their access from the system but keeps their activity log for future reference. 

1 - Reception (Access Level 1)

This access level is usually reserved for a receptionist or clerical staff, this level allows the user to check calendars add appointments, make payment on the system and view all patient details.

Specifically functions Level 1 users can perform include:

  • use all functions of the Appointment Book

  • add, edit, merge and contact patients

  • take payments

  • add sundry items to an invoice

  • print/email invoices and estimates and receipts

  • add / remove NHS exemption

  • add pinned notes

  • create, email, print correspondence to patients

  • upload documents and files

  • create and complete tasks

  • add medical history and medical alert

  • send medical history link

  • view and print perio exam

  • view chart history and base chart

  • check/ archive and assign inbox SMS and emails


  • Create a patient list from Patients report

  • Run Takings report for the day only

  • Invoices report

2 - Standard Practitioner (Access Level 2)

Level 2 is the level for a standard practitioner. It includes all level 1 functionality. This role is often assigned to dentists and hygienists. Access level 2 users can not see any practice financial reports.

Specifically, Level 2 users can perform all the functions of a Level 1 user plus

  • Create a Perio exam

  • Create a plaque and bleed exam

  • Upload images to the chart

  • Reopen a treatment plan

  • Create/edit base chart

  • Create/ charge and complete treatment plan items

  • Create estimates

  • Can add and edit template notes

  • If NHS, submit a treatment plan, triage, prior approval and ortho claim


  • Send correspondence from Patients report

  • View invoice report

  • If NHS, view UDA Report, NHS Claims report and NHS Forecast report

  • View your activity on Practitioner Activity report

3 - Practice Manager (Access Level 3)

Level 3 is recommended for Practice managers and includes all the functionality of level 2. Additionally, they can see the practice financial reports. 

Specifically, Level 3 users can perform all of the functions of a Level 2 user plus

  • Remove/edit recurring appointment blocks

  • Merge duplicate patient records

  • Export patient clinical history


  • Export patient lists from the Patients report

  • Run Takings report over a specified period

  • Access Invoice Timeline report

  • Access Private Forecast report

4 - Administrator (Access level 4) 

Level 4 is recommended for owners or administrators as it allows all functionality.

Specifically, Level 4 users can perform all of the functions of all levels. There are some functions that only those with Level 4 Permissions can access, and these include

  • Delete a patient's record

  • Delete a payment

  • Delete an invoice

  • Delete a Medical History, the same day that it was created

  • Delete a Perio exam

  • Full access to the Settings menu

  • Access to the patient Audit tab

Opt in Security options

In order to make Dentally as flexible as you need, you can select to allow certain users at a lower lever some important higher-level functions. Those with permission Level 4 (administrator) can grant additional permissions to individuals.

  • Submit NHS Claims - Opt-in for all users

  • Delete invoice - opt-in for under level 4

  • Delete Payment - opt-in for under level 4

  • Can merge patients - opt-in for under level 4

  • Edit recurring appointments in the diary - opt-in for under level 3

  • Can bulk edit appointments in the diary - opt-in for under level 3

  • Hide stats on Dashboard - opt-in for all levels

  • Prevent from discounting treatment prices when charting - opt-in on all levels

  • Can manage templates - opt-in for under level 3

  • Can run takings and sundries reports over a specified period - opt-in for under level 3

Dentally Opt-in permission levels

N.B. Staff at any level can only manage templates for sites for which they have been granted access.

How to add permissions to levels 1, 2 and 3

A user with Permission Level 4 (Administrator) can make these changes to other users.
Go to Settings > Users > Edit > Security and tick the boxes to give or deny the additional permissions and functions you wish this member of staff to have.

How to change user permissions for a Level 4 user.

Users with Level 4 Permissions (Administrator) can change whether they can submit NHS claims, and whether they want to see the statistics on their dashboard as they log in.
This is found in Settings > Users > Edit > Security.

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