Ortho Submissions Report

ortho submission report

Use the Ortho Submissions Report, only available to practices in Scotland, to track the progress of e-ortho claims.

Use the Filters on the left-hand side to locate all your Examination claims, or all of your Prior Approvals,  or to find claims within a date range.

ortho submission report

An explanation of each of the codes in the body of the report can be found in the left hand filter menus.

ortho reports

Request for more information

If you are asked for more information - code RAI -  whether Claim or Prior Approval, you need to add information to the Response field. Please note, you need to keep each response to fewer than 2000 characters. Be succinct in your responses.

Handling Errors

Occasionally you will get errors. The error messages in the e-ortho system are quite straightforward.
You see the Error tag and code in the right hand column.

Click on the arrow to the left of the Claim to open the claim in a new tab.
The error will be explained in more detail in the claim.
Some errors will relate to the Treatment Plan and some will relate to the Ortho Assessment.

e ortho error detail

This error, for example tells you that there is a problem with a "location for a list number" which means that the practitioner claiming does not have a location in the Settings > Users > Practitioner > Location field. 


e ortho xml error

The above error is a validation error. This error tells you that the Practitioner Pin Number is missing / blank.   The PIN needs to be added.

e ortho error details

In this example it clearly says that one of the mandatory fields is missing.   To resolve this error, you need to find the mandatory field.  It gives further information about which field to help you. In this case it is Treatment Proposal Details.

Once you have resolved the errors click Save again to submit the claim or Prior Approval.

You can submit a claim (by hitting the Save button  a maximum of 10 times.  You can see that this error has already been submitted twice - it has a Submission Count of 2. There is no limit on the  number of times you can submit a Prior Approval.

For help with submitting ortho claims, see our web page E-ortho exam Claim submission in NHS Scotland.
For help with submitting an e-ortho Prior Approval see our web page.
For help completing an ortho case assessment see our web page.

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