This article applies to NHS Scotland only.

When you have finished all treatment on an NHS treatment plan, Dentally lets you create and submit a claim which is then validated by Practitioner Services.

Creating a Claim

You must either have a CHI number or a search reference before you can proceed. Please see the CHI search for more information.

Step 1

First of all, ensure that there are no treatments with outstanding Prior Approval requests.

When all treatment for which you wish to claim has been completed, select all the appropriate treatment in the Treatment Plan, and click on Submit, Submit Claim. (This distinguishes the submission as a Claim and not a Prior Approval.)

Step 2

It is important to note that you must

  1. Have a valid CHI number or search reference

  2. The exemption must be listed correctly. If you need to, you can set the Exemption here.

When you are sure the details are correct, click on Next.

Step 3

Before you send the claim, Dentally does our best to validate it and ensure it will go through.

To ensure a smooth claim process, you will need to ensure that:

  1. The Practitioner listed is the Practitioner you are claiming for.

  2. The PIN is entered for the correct practitioner.

  3. The start and end dates are correct. The End date is usually the date the treatment was completed OR in case of Patient FTR, the date of the last treatment.

  4. If Prior Approval has been received, this field is automatically completed for you. (If you created a prior approval using the old system you can fill the field in yourself.)

  5. If you select Continuation, you will be prompted for the information about it. Enter that information

  6. If you set the PFTR observations field then you must enter something in the observations field.

  7. Mouth trauma means the patient is not charged. To set this just set External Mouth Trauma here to Yes.

When everything is complete click on Next.

Step 4

Once all information is complete, check all declarations and click on Submit.

You will be prompted to confirm you want to send the claim and then it will be sent.

Once it has gone you will be prompted to set up the patient recall.

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