🆕 New: Cancellation Reasons:  We have now added cancellation reasons to Dentally so you can see the reason for a patient cancelling their appointment.  In addition we have updated the Appointment Report to include the cancellation reasons for reporting purposes. To learn more read our blog: https://blog.dentally.co/cancellation-reasons

🆕 COMING SOON: Telephone Calling:  We are adding an option for you to call your patient direct from Dentally.  More information on this will follow soon!

🆕 New: NHS Fees in Wales.  These fees have been added to Dentally for the 1st April 2020 increase.  The clinical dataset in Wales has also changed. See here for details: https://blog.dentally.co/fees-and-clinical-update-for-wales

🆕 New: Multi-Site Filtering:  We have now added a new filter so you can easily identify all sites or just active sites.

🆕 New: Multi-Site Opening Hours:  Practices with multiple sites can add the opening hours for each site within the Settings.  Take a look at our help article today for a guide as to how to do this:  https://help.dentally.co/en/articles/3785467-site-settings and for working hours you might also be interested in this: https://help.dentally.co/en/articles/3568938-changing-the-working-hours

🆕 New: Patient Search:  If you are a multi site practice you can enable location.  This will show the location where the patient is registered.

🆕 New: Settings Update: We have updated the navigation elements across the top of the screen for Practice Settings to to improve their usability and visual appeal.

🆕 New: Online Appointment Booking:  We have now added new functionality to this service, which allows existing patients to now book non-recall appointments via the patient portal and pay a deposit for both non-recall and recall appointments.

🐛 Fixed: Email lower or uppercase addresses.  If an Email address is searched for by lower or uppercase for example [email protected]... or [email protected]..., it will now be found.

🐛 Fixed:  Patient Refused - NHS Scotland.  The issue with 'patient refused' treatment notes not being saved has now been fixed - so when you return to the treatment plan the notes are now there.

If you have any queries then please do let us know.  Email us [email protected].co

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