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Changing a treatment plan after you have charged for it
Changing a treatment plan after you have charged for it

How to change a treatment plan after an invoice has been raised and paid

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When a practitioner completes the treatment plan item for a patient and charges for it, an invoice is created.

The treatment item is now locked for editing because an invoice is associated with that particular treatment. (note: clinical notes can still be edited for 24 hours after the treatment has been completed and charged)

If you wish to change the treatment item, you need to delete the invoice associated with it. The invoice will be found in the patent's Account screen.

Only those with Level 4 (Administrator) permissions can delete an invoice or payment by default. Level 2 or 3 users will need to have the permissions added individually in Settings > Users > Security.

To delete an invoice, simply click the bin by the invoice in the Account screen:

Dentally invoice available to edit or delete
  • The invoice will be locked if there is a payment explained against it or if the invoice contains work from a completed plan.

If an invoice is locked because it is paid or partially paid:

  • You need to find the payment associated with the invoice - by matching the invoice number to any payments that have that invoice number in their Summary line - and delete the explanation ONLY.

  • To delete a payment explanation, click on the bin icon next to the payment ONCE.

  • The payment will then have an orange question mark next to it, showing that it is ready to be explained to another invoice.

  • The invoice should now be showing you an option to edit or delete.

Dentally invoice available to edit or delete

If an invoice is locked because it contains treatments from a plan which has been completed:

  • Find the work on the invoice in the patient's Chart screen History.

  • Click the TP by that treatment plan item to display the treatment plan containing the work.

  • Click the 'Re-open treatment plan' button

  • Once all of the work on the invoice is on open plans, you should now see the option to edit or delete the invoice in the Accounts screen.

Back in the treatment plan:

  • The treatment items on the plan will show as being complete and will be displaying a tick.

  • Untick the treatment item or items you wish to alter.

  • These treatment items can be edited or deleted.

Dentally - How to unlock an invoice and change a treatment item
  • Make the treatment changes required.

  • Complete and charge the treatment - this will re-create the invoice.

  • You can now explain the payment against the invoice if it hasn't been automatically explained.

NOTE: if the invoice you removed and wish to re-create was not charged today, you may wish to change the Charge date on the invoice so it represents the date the original invoice was raised. You can do this by clicking the drop-down arrow on the charge button in the plan before you charge it and set the date you wish to show on the invoice.

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