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Payment Allocation Totals Report
Payment Allocation Totals Report

How to get the most out of the Payment Allocation Totals Report

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The Payment Allocations Report allows you to identify movements of money from patients to a site and then invoices and invoice line details with practitioners names on - so you can see who has earned what.

There are two Payment Allocations Reports, these are:

Please note that the Payment Allocation Reports will not be switched on as default and they will need to be requested as a feature to be turned on by support.

Payments are taken in the same way as they always have been. For example:

  1. Select your patient

  2. Go to their account tab

  3. In our example, there is an invoice with work from two practitioners, totalling £339.89.

  1. Take payment in the usual way by selecting take payment.

NOTE: When taking a payment Dentally no longer asks for the practitioner or a payment plan. This is now handled by the work that this payment will now be allocated to.

2. Once the payment has been taken it will be automatically be allocated to the invoice, just like usual.

Payment Allocation Totals

The Payment Allocation Totals Report automatically defaults to a month-long period however you can filter this down to a specified date range e.g daily or weekly.

We have selected daily to make the example easy to understand. You will now be able to see a summary of site movement, practitioners total, sundry total.

Any practitioners who have payments allocated to them in the specified time period will have a breakdown of their payments which are broken down into two columns - NHS and Private.

As you can see the example payment taken has now been split across the two practitioners named on the selected invoice.

The grand total of payments allocated to all practitioners can be viewed at the bottom of the report.

Site Movement Column

The Site movement Column shows payments that have gone to the site and nowhere else.

For example, a payment that has been taken from a patient but there is nowhere to allocate the payment to as there are no treatments or sundries to be paid for on the patient’s account.

You will see a note next to the payment on the patient’s account tab that reads this payment needs explaining. Say the payment total was £500.

On the Payment Allocation Totals Report, this money will be displayed as Site Movement as it has not yet been allocated to a practitioner.

NOTE: Clicking on any of the blue links will take you to the Payment Allocation Report with the filters specific to the link you have clicked.

The Payment Allocation Totals Report provides a quick summary of all of the total amounts of the payments allocated.

The Payment Allocation Report provides a more detailed look at these payments.

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