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Supported Dental Imaging Software for Dentally Bridge
Supported Dental Imaging Software for Dentally Bridge

The following imaging softwares can be connected to the Dentally Software Bridge.

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Dentally can integrate with numerous types of imaging, radiography, probing and stock management software. The Dentally software bridge allows you to seamlessly open a patient's file in your software with the click of a button from within Dentally.

Supported Dental Software

  • 3Shape Trios

  • Acteon - AIS

  • AI Dental

  • Apteryx

  • Apixia

  • Carestream V6 by Carestream

  • CliniView by KaVo/Instrumentarium

  • DBSWin (VistaScan) by Durr

  • DentalEye

  • Dexis

  • Digora by Soredex

  • Dolphin Imaging

  • Dr Suni Imaging Suit

  • DTX Studio

  • EZDent V4 by Vatech

  • EZDent-i by Vatech

  • Examine Pro

  • i-Dixel

  • iRys by My Ray

  • Mediadent V8

  • Mediasuite by Centaur

  • Medit

  • MEDiVision

  • Owandy QuickVision

  • Rayscan

  • Romexis v4 by Planmeca (PC and Mac)

  • Romexis v5 + (changed parameters in V5)

  • Scanora

  • Sidexis 4 by Sirona

  • Sidexis XG by Sirona

  • Shick by Sirona

  • SMARTDent

  • SoPro by ACTEON (PC and Mac)

  • Trophy by Carestream

  • Vixwin by Gendex

Other softwares:

  • Steri 'n' Stock by Aztech

  • Florida Probe Periodontal

If you currently use a third-party software that is not listed, then please contact support as we can usually develop new integrations when requested. Likewise, if you are looking to purchase a new imaging system, our team will be happy to advise you on which systems work best with Dentally.

Please note;

For Schik by Sirona/CDR bridge ONLY - the CDR program must be open on the PC, before the Dentally Imaging Bridge will search for X-Rays.

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